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The Young Professionals Network is always looking for new members and volunteers. Members of the Board of Directors are always willing to talk about YPN, and there are several committees where individuals can get more involved.

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YPN Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Board Members


YPN Committees


The Events Committee coordinates and facilitates YPN events, including bimonthly mixers. The events committee meets monthly for planning sessions. Contact: Co-chairs Will Groben & Eric Levitas

YPN Summit

The YPN Summit Committee coordinates and facilitates the YPN Summit, the young professional network’s annual professional development conference. The YPN Summit committee meets regularly in anticipation of the fall event for planning sessions. Contact: Co-chairs Jacqui Ray & Alicia Liberto


The Sponsorship Committee identifies and secures sponsorships for specific events and YPN annual sponsors. Committee members work with the membership and marketing committees to design sponsorship packages, create a targeted list of ongoing potential sponsors, and more. Contact: Co-chairs Rory Murray & Zachary Cochran


The Membership committee plays a very active role in all other committees and the overall success of YPN. Members work on all fronts to encourage new memberships and help engage existing members. In addition to recruiting, the membership committee is responsible for making sure that all events are well staffed. Contact: Co-chairs Kevin Hashimoto & Valerie Weitz


The Marketing Committee works closely with all YPN committees to disseminate the message and views of YPN to the public. This committee develops marketing campaigns to effectively advertise events, manages the YPN social media channels, maintains and updates the YPN website, and develops other marketing pieces. Contact: Meaghan McClure

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