Howard County Advocacy Begins Here

Legislative Advocacy

The Howard County Chamber works year-round to make sure our members are always up-to-date on legislative and economic developments. But that is only part of our job. We can provide even greater value for our members through Howard County advocacy efforts.

Policy Agenda Shaped by Chamber Members

The Chamber’s legislative agenda is driven by input from our members. This includes the Legislative Affairs Committee, comprised of members that meet regularly to talk about upcoming legislation and its potential impacts on businesses.

As new legislation moves through political channels, the Chamber works diligently to ensure elected officials keep local business in mind throughout.

As a force for Howard County advocacy, the Chamber represents the voices of many different businesses. Because of that, we are able to get attention from our elected leaders that an individual business owner might never be able to achieve on his or her own.

Legislative Events

Each year the Chamber hosts several legislative events including the Regs & Eggs: Legislative Preview Breakfast, Business Day in Annapolis, Regs & Eggs: Legislative Wrap-Up Breakfast, and the Elected Officials Meet & Greet.

At the Regs & Eggs: Legislative Preview Breakfast each fall, the Chamber invites a panel of local elected officials representing Howard County and the state of the Maryland to discuss their priorities for the upcoming legislative session in Annapolis. At the conclusion of the legislative session each spring, we hold the Regs & Eggs: Legislative Wrap-Up Breakfast, where elected officials are invited to discuss what has happened over the course of the session.

The Elected Officials Meet & Greet is an event we hold each summer in a more casual setting with no agenda. It is simply an opportunity for members to mix, mingle, and speak directly with elected officials.

Issues for Legislative Action

The Howard County Chamber is the preeminent voice for the business community in Howard County, advocating for pro-business policy and free enterprise.

Each year, as part of our efforts to keep members informed about proposed legislation the Chamber will advocate for or against, the Legislative Affairs Committee puts together a detailed list of issues for a Howard County legislative action brief.

This Legislative Agenda is intended to provide a reference for both elected officials and members alike, clarifying and amplifying the voice of business, while serving as a starting point for ongoing discussions throughout the year.

Read the Chamber’s 2024 Legislative Agenda.

Legislative Updates

As legislative issues of importance to the business community are considered at the state and local level, the Chamber will keep its members informed with Legislative Updates, a Legislative Issues Brief, and Calls to Action when needed.

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