The mission of the Howard County Chamber is to accelerate business growth through connections, advocacy, and professional development.

Howard County Chamber Information


Our local chamber of commerce is the county’s premiere business membership organization, and we are proud to call nearly 700 businesses of all sizes and from all industries members.




The Howard County Chamber connects business owners and their employees with some of the region’s most influential community leaders, business executives, and elected officials. The Chamber also connects members to business opportunities and important information through networking events, seminars, and participation on Chamber committees.


The Chamber works throughout the year to make sure our members are always up-to-date on legislative and economic development. But that is only part of our job. We can provide even greater value for our members through our advocacy efforts. The Chamber’s legislative agenda is driven by input from our members. The Legislative Affairs Committee comprises members that meet regularly to talk about legislation on the horizon and the impact it could have on businesses. Change is inevitable, but the local chamber of commerce works diligently to ensure elected officials keep local businesses in mind at every turn as new legislation is introduced and moves through the political process. Because we represent the voice of businesses, the Chamber is able to get attention from our elected leaders that an individual business owner would not be able to get on his/her own.


Chamber members have access to marketing, referral, and cost-saving programs simply by joining. Thousands of people seek out area businesses through the Chamber’s online and print directories. The Chamber also refers members when opportunities arise. We also offer advertising opportunities at events, in our weekly e-newsletters, and on our website.

You can find a copy of the Chamber’s 2021 Annual Report here

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