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With its strategic location, diverse and educated workforce, extraordinary standard of living, and business-friendly policies, Howard County was made for business.

Our value-added Howard County business services are driven by three ideals: People, Policy, and Prosperity. You can read about them here.

With a “members first” philosophy and exclusive networking benefits, the Howard County Chamber was made for your business.

Membership Cost

Our membership fees are based on the amount of full time employees your organization/company employs and are renewed on a annual basis. Please see the following table for cost information. Membership costs include a one-time processing fee of $35 .

New Membership Dues – full time employeesFor profitNon-profit
Sole Proprietor$355$280
2-5 Employees$560$320
6-25 Employees$665$495
26-50 Employees$765$610
51 – 100 Employees$1145$1015
101- 250 Employees$1495$1455
251 – 400 Employees$2535$2030
401+ Employees$4310$2560
Enhanced Listing – add on option$150 $150
Membership Dues for 2021 – 2022


When you become a member you get the opportunity to join Chamber committees where you can offer your expertise and meet like-minded individuals within the business community. This is where you can create a circle of influence and form greater connections. Watch this video to hear the Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs describe their experience and description!


Enjoy a Variety of Fun and Informative Events

The Chamber is known for its interesting and fun events. Informative member luncheons and engaging legislative events help people stay current on policy issues, gain perspective on economic trends, and develop insights into new opportunities.

The annual Cyber Conference connects small businesses to valuable opportunities in government contracting, while the Chamber’s Signature Event is an evening of celebration and entertainment.

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Use Chamber Programs to Grow Your Business

The Chamber is always looking for ways to give its members the tools and information they need. The GovConnects initiative connects businesses with opportunities in government contracting and the cyber security field.

The Young Professionals Network offers individuals the chance to support each other, meet business leaders and serve the community in a fun and welcoming environment.

Support Your Local Business Climate

There is also strength in a business community that works together to ensure the voice of business is heard on public policy issues.

Read about the Chamber’s Role as the Voice of Business

Join the Howard County Chamber of Commerce

If you would like more information about joining the Chamber, please contact Morgan Simonet at msimonet@howardchamber.com.

Become a member today by joining online. For our BBB partners, please contact Leonardo directly about applying for membership.

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