Willie Blount

Willie Blount is founder and owner of Next Level Gaming. As a visionary, tinkerer, and creator he has experience ranging from military operations, to advanced aviation radar technology, to computer and network systems development and management, and now a very successful and growing gaming entertainment company.

Born and raised mostly in northern New Jersey, Willie joined the United Stated Marine Corps right out of high school where, upon graduation from boot camp on Parris Island, he went to combat training in Camp Lejeune and then to his military specialty school in California. From there, Willie traveled as ordered, was integral to many joint forces military exercises, was the subject of numerous awards and distinguished honors, and was honorably discharged in 2000.

Willie then went to work for the United States Congress as an Systems Administrator and quickly gained the experience and expertise to be named Director of Information Systems for the Office of the Legislative Counsel to the United States House of Representatives. Willie retired from federal service after 27 total years. He does still operate as an information technology consultant to the federal government.

During his tenure with the Congress, Willie launched several companies, including one which landed him on Shark Tank. At this time he operates his company full time and has a dramatic vision to revolutionize how gaming and education are connected and develop and implement highly efficient and cost-effective systems to bring these gaming and educational initiatives to local schools and colleges.

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