Samantha McCoy

Samantha has provided communications support to corporations, nonprofits and entrepreneurs since 2006. As a public relations professional, Samantha understands the value of media placements, as they help companies increase trust with their audience and attract new clients, supporters, and investors. She has secured placements on a variety of television, radio, digital and print outlets. Previously, she served as a senior producer at a local radio station in Baltimore, MD. Through these experiences, Samantha has developed specific insight on how media professionals decide what they will cover, and helps others to be prepared for their time in the spotlight.  

Samantha is an experienced public speaker, with experience presenting to youth, college students and professionals. She has presented at the Smithsonian National Affiliations Conference, the National Black Public Relations Conference and the Association of African American Museums Conference. Samantha has a B.A. in Corporate Communications and a M.S. in Nonprofit Management and is passionate about using her communications knowledge to transform executives and entrepreneurs into visibility magnets.

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