Dr. Renee McSwain

Dr. Renee McSwain brings over 20 years of experience as a producer and director in both the entertainment and healthcare sectors, with a career that has taken her from the West Coast to the East Coast, working in Los Angeles, CA, and Washington, DC. During her time with various public relations and consulting firms across these regions, she played a pivotal role in managing outreach efforts on behalf of diverse clients, including associations, federal agencies, and independent filmmakers.

It was during her tenure communicating healthcare messages for federal government agencies that Dr. McSwain recognized the glaring gap in the communication of complementary healing therapies to the public. A life-altering experience occurred when, after becoming a mother, she suffered from debilitating neck pain. Seeking relief, she turned to acupuncture, which had a profound impact on her well-being. Her pain nearly vanished overnight, leaving her with a lasting impression and a redefined life purpose. Dr. McSwain transitioned from healthcare communication to a role as a healer, changing the trajectory of her life’s journey.

Dr. McSwain currently practices holistic healthcare, focusing on helping her patients recover from physical and psycho-emotional trauma while also addressing spiritual well-being. She firmly believes in supporting her clients on a holistic level, encompassing body, mind, and spirit. Holding a doctorate degree in Oriental Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, MD, Dr. McSwain specializes in Mental and Behavioral Health, Women’s and Men’s Health through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Her clinical expertise extends to chronic pain management, endocrine diseases, autoimmune conditions, gynecological health, prostate and urogenital health, and overall health and wellness maintenance, with a deep commitment to the holistic well-being of her clients.

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