Carol deLaski

Carol is an executive coach, author, and speaker who provides engaging, interactive programs that develop the strengths of her audiences. As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Carol has significant expertise in strengths development of individuals and teams. Utilizing the CliftonStrengths assessment as a springboard for her custom programs, she teaches and develops a deeper understanding of personal and collective strengths. Her programs provide a wealth of benefits, improving communication, time management, feedback, diversity/inclusion, self-awareness and self-management.  

Carol has provided her strengths-based leadership development programs to a variety of businesses, non-profits, and churches. Within the public sector, she has provided leadership coaching to agencies such as DOJ, FAA, FBI, NASA, CBP, and NSA. In addition to strengths, she holds certificates in Action Learning, Energy Leadership, and has achieved the PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In 2008, Carol received her coach training from iPEC, an accredited ICF program. Prior to that she received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire in teaching, with a minor in psychology.

Carol is the author of a unique coaching book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith. In it, she expertly guides readers to discover and develop their inner strength and resilience while sharing her own story. She leads retreats and hosts a podcast on Lost and Found. As Founder of the Wholistic Coaching Coalition, LLC she has a rich history of collaborating with colleagues to create original women’s retreats and coaching groups for more than eleven years. She resides in Middletown, Maryland.

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