From a technology company in California, to a luxury mixed-use building in Washington, DC, to an oil and gas company in Texas, some of the nation’s most prestigious properties and companies turn to us WHEN SERVICE MATTERS.

A professional concierge helps you make a positive first impression that your visitors won’t forget—and our concierges are game-changers. When visitors walk in with questions, they have the answer. When residents need immediate help in their apartment complex, these tenants have someone there with them every step of the way. When property owners want to impress their new tenants, they reassure them that their new property is staffed by not just any concierge—a Capitol Concierge.

Enhance your property, give your building a competitive edge and increase its marketability. Capitol Concierge handles all of the concierge and front desk staffing issues so clients can be confident their lobbies are in good hands. In buildings with extended service hours, Capitol will take the 3 a.m. phone calls.

We all know time is of the essence, because it’s the one thing in this world you can’t get back. Our professional concierges create an exceptional service experience for our busy clients by taking on time-consuming tasks. For corporations, our concierge service fulfills everything on the personal to-do list and more, from researching vacations to other employee requests. Let us focus on organizing your employees’ lives so that your employees can focus on their work.

Not all of our professional concierge services are tangible. While it may be hard to measure the benefit of a warm welcome and a bright smile, reduced stress and peace of mind are invaluable in today’s hectic world.

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