Bluebird Yoga and Wellness is a woman-owned small business that exists to provide accessible, customizable, and sustainable yoga and wellness services to corporations, individuals, and the community.


We strongly believe that yoga is for everyone. In Sanskrit, the word yoga means “yoke” or union—the bringing together of mind, body, and spirit. Many misconceptions exist about yoga—what it looks like and who can do it. Part of our mission is to break down these barriers. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! This is also why giving back to our community in the spirit of seva (selfless service) and sharing these wellness tools with those in need is so important to us. Click here to read more about our community outreach.


We pride ourselves in offering one-of-a-kind yoga and wellness experiences, designed to meet your team’s needs and budget. Whether you are looking to provide your team with weekly virtual yoga classes, quarterly wellness workshops, or are interested in building a unique wellness package from our offerings, we work with you to create the perfect wellness experience.


We are passionate about teaching and sharing the wisdom from each of our wellness modalities so that our clients can apply this knowledge in their daily lives. Not only is it our goal to have this knowledge transfer, but we strive to provide our clients with practices that are sustainable—able to translate into other parts of their lives and gentle enough to be maintained throughout life stages. That is why we use the terms ‘yoga practice’ and ‘meditation practice.’ The client’s time on the yoga mat or meditation cushion is just that: practice for real-world application.

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