Paid Sick Leave Tax Credit Bill Passed in Final Hours of Session

We are happy to report that as this year’s Legislative Session came to a close, the legislature ok’d $5 million in annual tax credits to help businesses struggling to weather the impact of the Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law that went into effect earlier in the session.

Despite our best efforts, and the efforts of many other pro-business organizations, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act became law, and with almost no warning, businesses were forced to scramble to make sure they were in compliance with a very complicated law. The Department
of Labor, Licensing & Regulation has been racing to provide business owners with guidance about the new law to help business owners navigate the additional rules, but until now, the financial burden had not been addressed.

For more on HB 99 and SB 134 and the Small Business Relief Tax Credits they provide, you can head to the preceding links.

For more information about compliance with the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, click here.

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