William Lee Mapp, III

William Lee Mapp, III likes to stay busy. He is an author, maker, engineer, inventor, executive, nerd, and international speaker who delivers talks stateside and in Europe and the Middle East. He’s a renowned technologist with 2 patents pending and is a radio analyst and host known for his witty takes on the technology industry. His life’s mission is to help people succeed by fostering compassion, communication, and collaboration using technology.

Will is eager to spread knowledge and help people win. He currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Qlarant, Inc., a Maryland-based healthcare information services firm. He also assists startups and company founders as a Network Advisor for Maryland TEDCO. Will inspires entrepreneurs using wit, humor, and humility, by sharing his experiences running businesses that build advanced technology. He’s delivered talks and participated on panels for SAP Insider, Minority Innovation Weekend, EYECON, the National Retail Federation, RFID Journal Magazine, Blerdcon, and numerous non-profits and universities. Over the years he’s hosted his own radio show, guest starred on podcasts, and has written two books. His pursuits include designing and producing video games, writing, and mass media.

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