Colette Cottman

Colette Cottman is an experienced HR, PM, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Professional, as well as a Training & Community Development Leader with an extensive background in program development, outreach and champion for inclusion and accessibility; educating and supporting military, civil servants, educators, corporate and small business professionals at multiple organizational levels on methodology and the benefits of embracing DEI. She has a documented record of success in creating, promoting, and delivering solutions designed to support organizational change, posture, objectives and outcomes. Colette is passionate about people, growth mindset, giving back and creating positive, interactive and empowering experiences in environments that promote belonging, development, intellectual curiosity as well as individual and team achievement.  

Colette is a Microsoft Alum former Community Development Specialist and Enterprise Training Manager. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management & Services, a Bachelor of Science in Mgmt./Computer Information Systems (M/CIS) and a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with concentrations in Business & Organizational Psychology. She’s a Certified Business Coach, an MCT, has held an MCSE and current certifications include: ITIL-F, LSSGB, MIE 365 Academy, M365, MS Teams Admin, Change Management, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Certificates.

She’s currently positioned as an Inclusion and Diversity Manager, serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. She’s recently worked as a Talent Advocacy and Project Manager at TEKsystems Global Services, focused on Rising Talent within Workforce Development. Consulting and delivering resource management and mentorship as part of a service management team that focuses on capacity, productivity and workforce planning optimization, so client leadership can focus on more strategic, priority tasks; advises on best practices and supports talent through training, transition and duration of contractual engagements.

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