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Howard County Government

Howard County is governed by a County Executive and a 5 member County Council. The Council is responsible for enacting all legislation and passing an annual budget for the County. The schedule and agenda for the Council is available through NotifyMeHoward. All legislation that has been introduced or is in process of being considered can be seen on the County Council website.

Howard County Government
Howard County Govt. Information & Referral: call 410-313-3000

Howard County Council or call 410-212-2001
Howard County Public Schools or call 410-313-6600
Howard County Economic Development Authority
Howard County Tourism and Promotion

Howard County Elected Officials

County Executive Allan Kittleman   410-313-2013 

County Council | 410-313-2001

District 1 Jonathan Weinstein
District 2Dr. Calvin Ball (Chairperson)
District 3Jennifer
District 4Mary Kay
District 5Greg