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The Chamber is comprised of many individuals whose efforts enable the services, programs and resources that Howard County business professionals rely upon.

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Message from the Board of Directors

With a strategic location on the I-95 corridor, a diverse and highly educated workforce, and a superb standard of living, Howard County is a thriving place to live and work. As members and leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, the board of directors is committed to helping area businesses of every size work together to “advance the growth and success of the business community.”

The Chamber serves its members through a wide variety of programs, events, networking activity and resources. It speaks out on behalf of businesses on legislative and government affairs issues. It strives to support a strong business community that, in turn, offers the jobs, economic growth and stability that supports a top-notch quality of life in Howard County and the region.

As directors, we understand the value of a vital, active Chamber of commerce. We will continue to build an organization that reflects the needs of the local business community and provides significant value to its members. If you are currently a member, we appreciate your support and encourage you to get involved in the Chamber’s events and programs. If you are not a member, we invite you to join us – make an investment in your business and in the success of Howard County businesses.